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Our Specialties

Training and Development

The need to develop the next generation of leaders is one of the greatest challenges in the business world. We must have inspirational leadership that provides ongoing organizational direction, develops short term and long term business strategies and executes with operational excellence. We must proactively manage change, rather than simply react. It is critical for the entire organization to understand the business requirements and plan accordingly. To strengthen organizational performance, it requires a real commitment to continuous learning, developing and motivating people. Doby Consulting provides customized training programs, designed to enhance performance and close the skill gaps in your organization. This will increase the competency of your employees, improve productivity and achieve better business results.

Career Coaching

Regardless to your career stage, most professionals would benefit from one-to-one coaching at some point in their career. Career coaching helps to address professional challenges, resolve interpersonal relations or workplace conflicts and clarify goals. It provides personal guidance on career direction, valued based transitions and creates a strategy for continuous professional growth. Doby Consulting can also develop a formal mentoring program to build the skills of your entire organization, pairing senior executives with aspiring leaders.   Doby Consulting offers solutions to effectively address these concerns. Each organization is different, and our approach is tailored to your needs, based on an assessment of where you are today. We offer comprehensive, interactive training, with follow-up and program evaluations. This includes large and small groups, management guidance and coaching, pairing senior executives with aspiring leaders.

Diversity and Inclusion

Research shows that a diverse and inclusive workforce gets better bottom line results and enriches the organizational culture. The best companies know the value of inclusion in maximizing organizational potential. Cross-cultural teams offer the opportunity to grow your business and embrace new perspectives. We seek to raise awareness of all dimensions of diversity. However, effectively managing a diverse workforce can be challenging. The business opportunity gained by transforming an organization to effectively adapt to demographic and social changes is tremendous. Doby Consulting can partner with you to develop a comprehensive diversity and inclusion plan, defined by the unique needs of your team. Our objective is to help you achieve the bottom line impact that comes from a high performing, diverse and cohesive workforce.

Zero Harassment Tolerance

Any form of harassment can have a negative effect on your organization. The impact on employee morale, retention, productivity and the company image are indeed serious concerns. In addition, the possibility of litigation, saddled with high legal fees, can be costly. The difficulty of achieving zero harassment in the workplace must be consciously and proactively addressed. For years, organizations have held sexual harassment training programs (required by some states), but insufficient progress has been made. There is largely agreement on the factors critical to achieving zero harassment, but in reality this has not mattered enough. To maximize effectiveness, we must do more than check the box. This effort starts with exemplary behaviors at the highest levels of leadership, and a culture that exudes respect for all individuals. Most employees want to be successful and closely observe the actions of their leaders, not just what they say. The real world impact must be to increase awareness and to have zero tolerance ingrained in the organization, transforming the mindset.  How can your organization achieve the desired results and create a better workplace?

Business Partnering

A business cannot thrive without a keen focus on its human capital. In the most successful businesses, human resources management has a seat at the executive table. It is critical that HR is a stakeholder in developing the business plan from the beginning. Doby Consulting partners with you to ensure that the human element is at the forefront of your business strategy. We apply our expertise in both traditional and adaptive business philosophies to help you achieve your goals. We value the bottom line and utilize an integrated approach, focusing on common ground between key business units. We understand the business principles necessary to achieve the best outcome in a global environment and seek to effectively align the human resources function.


Community Partnering

“Do well by doing good” (Benjamin Franklin). This timeless adage speaks to the spirit of social responsibility in the business world today. Building a successful company that chooses to make a difference in the community is a powerful statement about your vision, culture, values and beliefs. With extensive experience and a strong network in the non-profit segment, we are well equipped to help you develop strategic alliances that maximize the return on your investment in philanthropy. This cause based approach sends the right message to your employees, serves the community and enhances your image as a respected corporate citizen. To be effective, it is a matter of aligning the right valued-added charities with your organization. Let Doby Consulting partner with you and a community network to make a difference. To achieve a mutually beneficial outcome, our process begins with developing a strategic plan based on your goals.

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