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About Us

Juanita R. Doby is Principal of Doby Consulting. formed in 2010, Doby Consulting is a human resources management group, serving corporate and nonprofit organizations. The Doby team brings over thirty years of combined experience to the business. It provides partnering in specialized strategic and operational human resources functions. This includes: business planning, organizational development, training, executive coaching, mentoring, diversity, inclusion and community partnering.

Formerly, Ms. Doby was employed by some of the most admired automotive manufacturers in the world. She has held critical leadership positions in customer service, market development, business management, Six Sigma, ISO and human resources, including labor negotiations. She has served as Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer for major European brands. Ms. Doby was recognized for forming one of the first internal/external Diversity Councils in the automotive industry. While serving on the Board of Directors for a major manufacturer, Ms. Doby provided leadership on short and long term strategies to achieve bottom line results and sustainable business success.

A champion of philanthropic efforts, Ms. Doby has extensive experience working with non- profits at the executive and operational levels. She has successfully aligned non-profits with a network of corporations, foundations and private donors, who share a common vision of making a difference in the world.

Ms. Doby is the recipient of numerous awards and has been featured in various publications for her achievements. She holds a BA degree from VA State University and a Masters degree from the State University of NY. A certified HR professional, she is a well respected, sought-after corporate and philanthropic leader. She is a member of several professional and nonprofit organizations.

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